Legend of Drizzt Audiobook

I'm voting Cthulhu anyway.
I’m voting Cthulhu anyway.
I listened to the Legend of Drizzt audiobook over the last week or so. I should note here both my hatred for the character of Drizzt and the fact that Salvatore never uses one word when three or even four will do. That said, the offer of the audiobook for free tempted me. Also, Ice T did some of the narration and I really wanted to hear his take.

So it turns out that Ice T does a pretty good job, as you’d expect. I have trouble dissociating his voice from his Law & Order character, but that is more a consequence of far too many evenings watching SVU than anything else. “Weird” Al Yankovic also read one of the stories, and did a fine job, although once or twice I found myself expecting him to break into song.

But Wil Wheaton blew me away as a narrator. Seriously, this guy should go into acting or something. Maybe he might do some more stuff around D&D or even science fiction if anybody ever gives him a shot…

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