Play Report: Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 2

RPGs may be at their most fun when everything goes pear-shaped due to adventurer decisions.

The story

The group, consisting of a fighter, rogue, cleric, and wizard, explored Phandalin with great caution. They expect intrigue, conspiracies, and betrayal at every turn (meaning I need to find a way to give that to them). The adventurers meandered about town to investigate the eponymous “lost mine”. Several encounters with the Redbrands occurred in the village streets during this investigation. Sildar Hallwinter executed a sort of coup d’etat and named himself the Sheriff of Phandalin. The village didn’t care much for the prior ineffectual townmaster anyway.

NothicAt this point, my group finally decided to head into the Redbrand Hideout. Acting on a tip from a local village boy about a side entrance into the hill, the adventurers sneaked in at night without incident. The rogue ranged over the large hall encompassing the crevasse. He has a dangerous tendency to run a bit too far afield, even with creepy telepathic voices whispering in their heads. While he crept down a side passage, a nothic crawled out from the crevasse. Just about then, the rogue came back around the corner and saw the monster. He immediately drew down and landed an arrow right into it. This led to a running fight along both edges of the chasm, a dead nothic, and an unconscious fighter. After the group stabilized their meat shield, they poked around in the chasm. But only the rogue (who prefers his shortbow) wanted the ancient, mysterious sword they found.

The discovery of secret doors gave them some choices, and so they decided to raid the armory and explore a little past that. Undead skeletons chased that rogue back to the group, until a dragonborn cleric turned them. One of the undead ran so far, in fact, that it fell into a pit trap and collapsed into a heap of bones. The party also found an enslaved family. (The captors didn’t survive more than a few seconds.) This stoked the party’s bloodthirst tremendously. So when another guard elsewhere in the hideout surrendered at the end of a fight, the party had no mercy and slew him.

Despite the group’s successes, they made several important tactical errors during the raid. They would bunch up in corridors and thus not bring their full range of options to bear. That led to some problems but they’d managed to eke out victory each time. Later, they decided to take a short rest on the edge of the chasm. The adventurers agreed that the cleric should not use his spell slots, and the fighter didn’t want to use his Second Wind. (I didn’t understand why, but I did ask several times whether that seemed like a good idea. That’s the best hint I can give to reconsider the plan.) So as their rest completed, two patrolling bugbears came around a corner and surprised them.

Bugbears love surprise attacks, in case you didn’t know.

The monsters immediately applied massive blunt trauma to the fighter’s and cleric’s heads. The wizard had already disappeared due to a player who didn’t show. The rogue decided that he didn’t stand a chance against two angry furry monsters and fled back to town alone.

I will make a quick analytic note here. The bugbear encounter decreased from three to two monsters because of the missing PC. This meant that they faced a base of 400 XP . The encounter difficulty for three characters and two monsters tell us to multiply this by 1.5. So this puts the encounter right at the Deadly threshold (200 XP for second-level characters). As originally written, this encounter contained 300XP of monsters per characters. That put it way above the Deadly threshold, so if anything I nerfed it.

What’s next

The players could have chosen capture rather than death. They could try to escape in conjunction while the rogue attempted a rescue with some NPC companions. Instead, they decided that they preferred to reroll. The players in question decided that their characters just didn’t fit them well. They did communicate quite emphatically that they’d had fun, which relieved my mind a little.

I have some logistical issues now, owing to a player who’s missed two sessions in a row. His distant time zone might present too much of an obstacle for him. If so, then I will recruit a replacement. With the others, we’re going to keep having fun with new characters. I have already started to work with the two rerolling players to hook them into the adventure, of course. We might use the factions in the Tyranny of Dragons storyline for that purpose. Or they might just have their own reasons to drift into town. This might give me a better reason to get them to Thundertree. Iarno Albrek aka Glasstaff also remains at large with a significant force at his dispoal. If they don’t go after him immediately, that’s going to lead to Bad Things in Phandalin. The Black Spider will react with concern to this disruption regardless.

Maybe it’s time for some intrigue after all…

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