Road mysteries

Way over a pond to reach the Khmer temple of Neak Pean, an artificial island that belongs to the Angkor temple complex, located today in Cambodia.Random encounters can accomplish a lot of things. Some groups see them as annoying obstacles. Others like them for a bit bonus XP while the GM puts a little extra strain on their resources. But they can also give a hint of weirdness to tell your players that the world has more going on than kobolds and goblins, even at low levels.

Your travelling party takes a rest on the side of the road. Or perhaps they have struck out cross-country, across farms and fields. What do you find, besides 2d4 goblins or whatever other ho-hum combat encounter your sourcebook says?

  1. Ring of standing stones. A sage pays you no mind while she takes astronomical measurements with a sextant.
  2. Child fleeing a scarecrow. Why is the scarecrow so angry?
  3. A halfling family is out enjoying a picnic. But their eyes have no irises…
  4. Four mules patiently pull a wagon with no driver.
  5. A shrub happily sings drinking songs. Maybe you want to join in.
  6. Two expert duelists put on an epic display. It is unclear whether they are practicing or fighting to the death.
  7. A parade of spirits crosses your path, taking no note. But the last one stops, stares at you, and you hear a voice inviting you to join them next year.
  8. The beauty of this rainbow doesn’t explain why it shines at night.
  9. A gnome tinker sells trinkets – but only accepts payments accompanied by clever limericks.
  10. Young lovers ride a draft horse, their faithful mastiff by their side. How odd that the animals’ legs stand straight as they glide forward.
  11. A bulette and an ankheg engage in conceptual intercourse. A philosophical discussion, that is – what were you thinking?
  12. Twelve will-o’-wisps swirl dazzlingly. Or are those just dancing lights?

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