Campaign Reorganization

Curious Bronze Relic found near the Estuary of the River Findhorn engraving by William Miller after Sir Thos Dick LauderNB:I posted a version of the below to my campaign forum on Roll20.

My megadungeon campaign, the Relic Hunters Guild, has had some problems lately. Sessions don’t happen because folks who’ve said they want to play don’t show up. That means that those of us who do show up have wasted our time. If only one or two players come, the group just doesn’t have enough.

In an attempt to address this, I’ve started to reorganize things a bit.

1. If a player says they’re coming but doesn’t show up, they may get removed from the group. Of course emergencies may happen from time to time. But in general, it’s not fair to other people who set aside time from family or other games or whatever. No problems if they just don’t sign up for a given session or if they cancel with lots of notice

2. Showing up will always result in XP. If the session doesn’t happen for some reason, I will grant the characters some decent XP. This might just be a boon or we might RP out a small side quest in the city. (Hopefully more of the latter.)

3. Originally this was going to be a one shot adventure. However, it has turned out more fun than I had expected (above frustrations notwithstanding). So I will convert to a sort of open table campaign with sign up sheets for each session. It will also be a bit more sandbox oriented. I hope we can still focus to a great degree on the megadungeon. But I have created a region around the area and am happy to incorporate character backstory and players’ own bits of world building.

I hope this campaign can continue, because it has been tremendous fun for everyone when it’s happened. If any of my readers have an interest in playing, check out our LFG listing.

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