Rescuing a Moneylender


I picked up Scarlet Heroes again after far too long. While Madcat’s urban adventure report puts mine to shame, I thought I’d still post this. And I learned from theirs for the next one!

Character Overview

Getek of Still Water is an Elf Magic-User. His traits include Elven Senses, Market Mage (x2), and Strikingly Attractive. His previous incarnation also gives him the Locksmith trait.

For his initial known spells, I chose Painted Vermillion Eyes (Charm), Lens of the Enlightened Scribe (Read Languages), Amber Cloud of Somnolence (Sleep), and Daifu’s Bright Mantle. That last spell doesn’t have an analogue known to me; it mostly involves maintaining an unmussed appearance. As a side note, while looking up information on that spell, I found that I used almost the same build for an earlier character. I didn’t intend that, but apparently I wanted a similar experience. (That character met an early death, though.)

Getek dresses in Fine Clothes, wields a Quarterstaff, and carries Artisan’s Tools (Locksmith) about his person.

Adventure in Xian

Plot: Target kidnapped by Antagonist.
Target: Commercial moneylender – a professional associate of Getek, who himself makes a living in the market by verifying contracts for parties from places that speak other languages and assisting merchant princes with preparations for important social events.
Antagonist: Fanatical Guard (Oracular Motivation: Chastity). The antagonist does not approve of the moneylender’s involvement in the brothel industry, maybe?

Scene 1: Conflict

Support an Actor working against the foe for their own reasons. [Check, not Fight]

Actor: Minor government official, human Imperial, crime victim
Crime: Arson on public street
Location: Respectable Home

The antagonist has his men burn down the house of an official and associate of the target (and Getek’s). Getek succeeds at rescuing the official’s family members using Dexterity and Elven Senses.

Score: 1-0, 0 Clues

Scene 2: Investigation

Bribe an Actor to give you a clue. [Pay a reasonable amount.]

Actor: World-weary madame, human Kueh
Relationship: Lover
Location: Forbidden Market

Getek meets with a well-known madame whom he has visited from time to time. She is willing to provide information, but requires payment as with all her services. Getek succeeds by paying 2 gold pieces.

Score: 2-1, 1 Clue

Scene 3: Investigation

Ambush a dangerous Actor who holds a Clue. [Fight instead of a Check]

Difficulty: 1 Sorceror and 4 Vermin (Grizzled Veterans)
Location: Government Office

Getek visits the office of the arson victim when he runs into allies of the Fanatic Guard. He attempts to cast Painted Vermillion Eyes on the Sorcerer, but fails. The fight proceeds. Getek makes quick work of the vets accompanying the Sorcerer (fray die = 4). The Sorcerer flings a magic bolt at Getek, who ducks and knocks his enemy unconscious with his quarterstaff. He finds information on the kidnapper on the guards and leaves.

Score: 3-1, 2 Clues

Scene 4: Action

Convince an Actor ally of the foe to betray them. On a failure, face a Fight.

Actor: Grizzled Veteran
Location: Moneychanger

The mage finds another associate of the kidnapper at the establishment where the kidnap victim works. Because of his Charisma and being Strikingly Attractive, he succeeds at turning the veteran against the fanatic who is responsible for the kidnapping.

Score: 5-1, 1 Clue

Scene 5: Action

Bring in an outside authority or useful Actor to oppose the foe.

Actor: Gutter mage, human Eshkanti, Maridah Aswari
Relationship: Rival
Location: Brothel

Seeing his rival in an underworld brothel, he attempts makes a deal with Maridah. Again employing his Charisma and Strikingly Attractive, he succeeds. (Whether she remains his rival might come up in the future…)

Score: 7-2, 0 clues

Scene 6: Conflict

Sabotage or steal the foe’s possessions that are important to the plot. [Fight and Check]

Location: Government office

Getek infiltrates the headquarters of the guard unit to which the kidnapper belongs. Despite his Dexterity and Locksmith ability, he fails when 2 Mad Zealots find him. The ensuing fight (fray die = 2) does not last long, but he has to leave without finding anything useful.

Score: 7-3, 0 clues

Scene 7: Investigation

Bribe an Actor to give you a Clue.

Actor: Ruthless Moneylender

One of the kidnap victim’s rivals knows something about the crime and will part with the information. He commands a higher price, given the risk, and Getek succeeds by paying 3 gold.

Score: 8-3, 1 clue

Scene 8: Action

Convince an Actor ally of the foe to betray them. On a failure, face a Fight.

Actor: Bold ship captain
Location: Guarded treasure house

Using the information from the moneylender, Getek finds his way into a treasure house where a ship captain is making arrangements to take the kidnap victim away into exile and slavery. Despite his Charisma and Strikingly Attractive, Getek fails to convince the captain to betray the fanatic and must fight 3 Soldiers. Again, his skill with the quarterstaff and magic quickly bring the combat to a close (fray die = 3).

Score: 8-4, 0 clues

Scene 9: Investigation

Be waylaid by a hostile Actor with a clue [Fight, not Check].

Actor: Cunning shipwright
Location: Abandoned building

While trying to locate the victim, Getek runs into one of the ship captain’s allies, who attacks immediately. 2 Rabble and 1 Veteran close in for a fight (fray die = 4) and Getek learns where the victim may be held.

Score: 9-5, 1 clue

Scene 10: Action

Despoil or ruin a safehouse belonging to the foe.

Location: Merchant’s Palace

Bursting into a mansion belonging to the ship’s owner, Getek ransacks the place to find the victim. Using his Intelligence, the Market Mage flushes out the kidnappers and succeeds in following them to the final location.

Score: 11-5, 0 clues

Scene 11: Action

Plunder resources necessary to the foe’s plan. [Choose to Fight.]

Location: Hidden opulent lair

The fanatic guard and two henchmen stand and fight in his hideout. Getek quickly removes the henchmen with two quick swipes of his quarterstaff and dispatches the kidnapper with a final burst of arcane energy, thereby succeeding in rescuing the moneylender!


Getek receives 1 Experience for succeeding at the adventure, though all this interaction with the city guard (and in particular infiltrating one of their headquarter locations) also gives him 1 Heat. In gratitude, the rescued victim gives him a Substantial Cash Amount and Getek receives 500 gold as a reward.

Next time, I’ll improve a bit based on my experience here, the example I listed above, and reading The Cave of the Howling Ghosts.

One thought on “Rescuing a Moneylender

  1. Thanks for following my blog Kyle. This is a great story, easy to follow and I think that your brief style of writing has it’s advantages. I try to keep my Scarlet Heroes adventures brief in terms of the amount of writing but they always end up being very wordy which means that I’m left with less time for more gaming.


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