Tea Riots in Xian, Part 1

Getek returns for another urban adventure! This time, civil disturbances provide a backdrop for the fact that he has had an evidently complicated love life. Even if he saves everyone, complications will almost certainly result…

Also, I’m still experimenting with the format of these posts and future ones will probably continue to vary considerably.


Urban Adventure

A Location is struck by a fire, riot, building collapse, monster outbreak, or the like. Draw three Actors; they’re somehow caught in the event and must be saved from it. Scenes revolve around saving Actors from the calamity. The last Actor cannot be saved until the concluding Action scene.

Location: Exclusive Tea House
Actor 1: Drug den proprietor (Elf, lover)
Actor 2: Riotous young heir (Halfing, ex-lover)
Actor 3: Pitiless tax collector (Human Imperial/Ashkanti, ex-spouse)

Adventure tag: Sudden Privation
Adjective: Hunger

Tea riots – and apparently Getek gets around! Prepare Amber Cloud of Somnolescence.

Scene 1: Conflict

Outmaneuver a local official suborned or bribed by the foe. (Also add 1 heat)

Since the “foe” is really tea riots, is this official involved with policies that created or exacerbated the shortage (likely)? Yes

Actor: Stern market magistrate, female dwarf
Reaction (Unfriendly): bribeable

Charisma (1) + Market Mage (2) + 2d8 = 6, less than 9
Pay 9-6=3 gp bribe

Score: 1-0, 0 Clues, 2 Heat

Scene 2: Conflict

Suffer betrayal by an Actor; face a Fight as you try to escape or avenge yourself.

Actor: Stern market magistrate, emphatic speech, collecting a bribe.

The magistrate didn’t stay bought and tried to extort Getek for more. As he’s unwilling to do so, the magistrate’s thugs came out of the shadows to thump him as an example.

Fight difficulty: 1d4+1 = 5 Rabble, cruel footpads
Round 1: Fray die = 2 -> 1 dmg, 1 footpad defeated (4 left). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = nat 20, hit. Damage d4 = 1, no damage. Footpads: +Hit (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 23, 18, 11, nat 20, 2 hits. Damage d4 for each = 4, 1 -> total of 1 damage. Getek at 3 HP.
Round 2: Fray die = 4 -> 1 dmg, 1 footpad defeated (3 left). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = nat 1, miss. Footpads: +Hit (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 20, 16, 14, 1 hit. Damage d4 = 3 -> 1 damage, Getek at 2 HP.
Round 3: Fray die = 1 -> 0 dmg. Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = nat 1, miss. Footpads: +Hit (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 24, 14, 19, 1 hit. Damage d4 = 4 -> 1 damage, Getek at 1 HP.
Round 4: Fray die = 4 -> 1 dmg, 1 footpad defeated (2 left). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = 26, hit. Damage d4 = 1, no damage. Footpads:+Hit (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 18, 12, miss. Getek remains at 1 HP.
Round 5: Fray die = 2 -> 1 dmg, 1 footpad defeated (1 left). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = 17, miss. Footpad: +Hit (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 16, miss. Getek remains at 1 HP.
Round 6: Fray die = 2 -> 1 dmg, 1 footpad defeated (0 left). Getek finishes the fight with 1 HP left.

After a long and drawn-out squabble ((note that I realized I did combat incorrectly in the previous adventure)), Getek takes all five thugs down but does indeed receive quite a thumping.

Score: 2-0, 0 Clues, 2 Heat.

Scene 3: Investigation

Search a Location related to past events where a Clue can be found. (Face a Fight whether or not you succeed on the check.)

Location: Public plaza

Getek heads to a plaza where the riots have been occurring and tries to find one of the mob’s leaders.

crazywomanActor: Priest of a forbidden faith, Shou-blooded, always carries things, bigoted, spreading a faith.
Reaction (unfriendly): flat rejection.


Getek runs into a Shou-blooded street preacher, inciting a crowd to riot. He tries to calm her down and find out what’s going on using his Charisma (1) and Market Mage (2) (2d8 + 3 = 12, success). She instead talks to him about her belief in the Red Tide as a cleansing force and the cult she serves, but rioters descend upon them.

Fight difficulty: 3 Rabble (Watchful neighbors)
Round 1: Fray die = 4 -> 1 dmg, 1 neighbor defeated (2 left). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = 13, miss. Neighbors: +Hit (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 29, 25, 2 hits. Damage d4 for each = 2, 3 = 2 damage, Getek reduced to 0.

Neighbors who disapprove of the preacher see Getek and believe he is conspiring with her. Despite his best efforts, they beat him unconscious. After the fight, she pulls him out of the plaza into a nearby house where he is able to rest and recover back up to full health.

Score: 3-1, 1 Clue, 2 Heat.

Scene 4: Investigation

Bribe an Actor to give you a Clue. Pay a reasonable bribe or fail the challenge.

Actor: Grasping merchant, female human Imperial, dressed in dark, sober clothes.
Motivation: Escape
Location: Exotic brothel

The ongoing riots have started to concern Getek about the safety of some people that matter to him. He makes his way to the brothel where his previous lover, a halfling heir named Jack Forrester, frequently may be found. Jack isn’t there, so Getek tries to bribe one of the madames who run the place. First he has to turn her from flat refusal (“haven’t seen him”) to being a bit more willing, using Charisma and Strikingly Attractive but fails.

Score: 3-2, 1 Clue, 2 Heat.

Scene 5: Investigation

Infiltrate a Location where the activities relate to a Clue. On a check failure, face a Fight.

Location: Sealed familial tower
Oracle: Does this tower belong to Jack’s family in some way (unknown)? No.
Adjective: Debauchery

Getek remembers that Jack often goes to parties at a tower in the district where the riots are taking place. When he gets there, he finds the tower is locked and tries to enter using Dexterity and Locksmith. He succeeds and finds a Clue.

Score: 4-3, 2 Clues, 2 Heat.

Scene 6: Action

Rally an Actor and other comrades to oppose the foe. 

Oracle: Will one of the guards that eventually came around to Getek’s side during the previous kidnapping investigation help (likely)? Yes
Actor: Grizzled Veteran, human Kueh with elaborate tattoos, named Matsumoto Daisuke.
Location: Elite dueling academy
Oracle: Is the academy besieged by rioters (likely)? Yes, but a piece of gear fails.

Jack is at the gym where he trains his dueling skills. The rioters have managed to break through the walls and are running amok. Getek succeeds in calling in the guard he befriended at the moneychanger’s kiosk during the previous adventure using his Charisma and Market Mage.

Score: 6-4, 1 Clue, 2 Heat, 1 rescue complete (Actor 2).

Scene 7: Investigation

Trick an Actor into revealing a Clue. Face a Fight whether or not you succeed on the check.

Actor: Diseased beggar, wrathful female halfling always carrying things.
Oracle: Is the beggar carrying some of Aminah’s things (likely)? Yes
Adjective: Erudition
Location: Bazaar

Getek realizes that his ex-wife, Bai Aminah, is probably in danger as well. He goes to the bazaar where Aminah usually hangs out and recognizes a “bag lady” carrying a spellbook belonging to Aminah.

Reaction: Treat as Stranger with risk of significant cost to their actions – Tentative Agreement.

Getek prefers not to flirt with the woman (he’s shallow after all) and instead tries to intimidate her into giving up the spellbook using Charisma and Market Mage, but fails due to (oracular adjective) Chastity. Perhaps she recognizes that this is Aminah’s ex-husband and finds it somewhat inappropriate?

Score: 6-5, 1 Clue, 2 Heat, 1 rescue complete (Actor 2).

Scene 8: Investigation

An allied Actor can get you a Clue at personal risk. (Make a skill check to help them succeed.)

Actor: Maridah Aswari, the (rival) Eshkanti gutter mage from the previous adventure, wearing immaculate clothes
Location: Hidden love nest
Reaction: (as friendly NPC, with risk of significant cost to their actions) Flat dismissal

Maridah is a bit of a frenemy but needs some convincing to help out. Getek sighs and relies on his Charisma and Strikingly Attractive, but fails. She just is not having it.

Score: 6-6, 1 Clue, 2 Heat, 1 rescue complete (Actor 2).

Scene 9: Conflict

Waylay a minion of the foe. Face a Fight instead of a check.

Actor: Cult inquisitor
Location: Exclusive cult shrine

Getek is tired of this and decides to take the fight to this Shou cult, hoping to stop them from fanning the flames.

Fight difficulty: 2 vermin (dark cultists)
Round 1: Fray die = 1, no damage. Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (9) + d20 = 23, hit. Damage d4 = 4, 1 cultist defeated. Dark cultist: +Hit (0) + AC (9) + d20 = 11, miss. Getek stays at 4 HP.
Round 2: Fray die = 3, 1 damage, cultist defeated. Getek finishes at full health.

He didn’t even have to break a sweat. We’ll see if that helps any.

Score: 7-6, 1 Clue, 2 Heat, 1 rescue complete (Actor 2).

Scene 10: Action

Bring in an outside authority or useful Actor to oppose the foe.

Location: Tattered market
Actor: Feared court blackmailer, female Eirengarder who stutters

Getek heads to the market where he originally plied his trade here in Xian and looks for allies. A courtier can be found here – one who might owe him a favor. As he’s on his home turf, perhaps his Market Mage and Charisma will help – and he succeeds.

Adjective: Mistake
Oracle: Is this a mistake on the part of the blackmailer (unknown)? Yes

The courtier usually prides herself on having the dirt on everyone else. But this time, she’s caught out and must help Getek to extricate herself. She knows where his ex-wife is and helps him get her out of the city.

Score: 9-6, 0 Clue, 2 Heat, 2 rescues complete (Actors 2 and 3).

Scene 11: Conflict

Outmaneuver a local official suborned or bribed by the foe. 

Actor: Scheming daifu
Location: Exclusive tea house

Getek now heads to the finest tea house in the city and finds a daifu who he suspects of having a hand in the shortage. He must use all his wits to entrap this foe. Based on his Charisma and Market Mage, he succeeds.

Score: 10-6, 0 Clue, 2 Heat, 2 rescues complete (Actors 2 and 3).

Scene 12: Action

Sabotage a tool, evidence, or ally of the foe so that it betrays their attempted use of it.

Location: Exclusive tea house
Actor: Wealthy Landowner
Oracle: Is the landowner the instigator of the riots (very likely)? Yes

This is where he can confront the person behind the riots, a rich Kueh woman with a stutter. Using Intelligence and Market Mage, he succeeds! This allows him to free his lover,Kishgadan, who owns a local opium den. Of course, he’s made another powerful enemy….

VICTORY! Score: 12-6, 0 Clue, 4 Heat (1 for the enemy, 1 for the complicated love life), all rescues complete. Relieved business folks in the area gather up a discreet reward for Getek: G3 Merchant Family Funds, including 700 gp, 6 Cheap Jewelry (210 gp), 1 Costly Jewelry (200 gp), 2 Costly Clothes (400 gp), 1 Cheap Furnishings (10 gp). Getek keeps the clothes and the nicer piece of jewelry for special events, but sells the rest for a total of 920 gp in funds.

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