Into the Temple of Zuveng

Ta Prohm

I’m traveling this week and will likely have lots of solo RPG time. With this particular adventure, Getek’s saga takes another twist as he delves into a dungeon.

Tags: Holy Site (Shou cult from Tea Riots in Xian Part 1)
Heretic hideout, 8 locations
Inhabitants: Shou + Tide Cult (mix to taste)
Thing: Black relic of a martyred anti-saint (oracular adjective: jewels)
Threat: 2 (equal to character’s level)

Getek decides to rob the Temple of Zuveng, belonging to the Shou cult he encountered during the Tea Riots. He has heard that they have a set of cursed jewels that once belonged to their foul prophet Yashub. He prepares the spells Amber Cloud of Somnolescence and Seven Small Thunders before setting out for the temple.

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Cult of Zuveng

I used the Red Tide sourcebook page 142 for generating this.

Object of Worship: A half-feral God Beast, shard of a forgotten divinity
Source of Influence: Traditional fear and obedience from others
Agent Among the Public: Sinister and reclusive magic-user
Traits and Rules: The cult has animate servitors of bone or stone.

Turn 1: Entrance from the south

Location: Storeroom
Contents: Encounter, Treasure
Goal present: No
Encounter: 7 HD worth of shou (6 goblins, 1 orc)
Twist: Lying in wait for suitable prey
Attitude: The usual, but they might parlay if that seems plausible; Anger/Scorn
Oracle: Was he seen entering (likely)? Yes

He slips in through a side door of the building, which lies outside a village not too far from Xian. As he enters, he finds a half-dozen goblins and an orc lying in wait. Apparently guards had observed him approach and warned those inside of the approaching elven mage. Sneering at him with slavering jaws, they leap at him to grab their next sacrifice.

Round 1: Fray die = 4 -> 1 damage, 1 goblin killed. Cast Amber Cloud of Somnolescence – 4 HD of enemies put to sleep. 1 goblin and 1 orc remain. Morale check: 7 (stand and fight). Goblin: Spear (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 18, miss. Orc: Axe (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 22, hit for 1d8 = 1 -> no damage. Getek remains at 6 hit points.
Round 2: Fray die = 4 -> 1 damage, remaining goblin killed. Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (6) + d20 = 24, hit for 1d4 = 4 -> 1 damage done. Getek at 5 HP.
Round 3: Fray die = 4 -> 1 damage, remaining orc killed. Getek takes a moment to catch his breath, then does away with the sleeping goblins using their own daggers.
Treasure: 10gp of coins
Rest: recover 1 HP (back at 6)

Wandering Monsters: No

Turn 2: North

Location: Cemetery
Contents: None
Goal present: No

Getek slips out a door to the north and finds a small hall with the remains of their sacrifice victims resting in wall niches. Nothing more can be done for them in this life.

Wandering Monsters: No

Turn 3: Southeast

Location: Sickroom
Contents: None
Goal present: No
Oracular Adjective: Servitude

A door to the right leads back to a sickroom where the shou attend to their servants and captives, at least minimally. They apparently know little of medicine. Or perhaps they take sick pleasure in keeping them just healthy enough not to die before the bloody ritual sacrifices. Regardless, Getek knows he must keep moving.

Wandering Monsters: No

Turn 4: North

Location: Vestry
Contents: Encounter (6 HD worth of Minions and Elites)
Goal present: no
Allegiance: Neutrals cooperating with the rulers
Combat Style: Blood-crazed; never checks morale against a wounded foe
First Round of Action: Half maneuver to encircle, the others attack directly

Foes: 1 Elite (HD 2), AC 5, Atk +2, Dmg 1d10; 4 Minion (HD 1, AC 7, Atk +1, Dmg 1d6

Round 1: Fray die = 3 -> 1 damage, 1 minion defeated (3 remain, plus elite). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (7) + d20 = 12, miss. Minions: 2 move to encircle, one attacks directly. Attack (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 27, 1 hit. Damage d6 = 2 -> 1 HP of damage. Elite: Attack (+2) + AC (9) + d20 = 14, miss. Getek at 5 HP.
Round 2: Fray die = 3 -> 1 damage, 1 minion defeated (2 remain, plus elite). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC(7) + d20 = 11, miss. Minions: Attack (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 22, nat 1, 1 hit. Damage d6 = 2, 1 HP of damage. Elite: Attack (+2) + AC (9) + d20 = 16, miss. Getek at 4 HP.
Round 3: Fray die = 2 -> 1 damage, 1 minion defeated (1 remains, plus elite). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (7) + d20 =9, miss. Minion: Attack (+1) + AC (9) + d20 = 20, hit. Damage d6 = 6, 2 HP of damage. Elite: Attack (+2) + AC (9) + d20 = nat 20, hit. Damage d10 = 4 -> 1 HP of damage. Getek at 1 HP.
Round 4: Fray die = 2 -> 1 damage, minion defeated (elite remains). Quarterstaff (+0) + AC (5) + d20 = 21, hit. Damage d4 = 1, no damage. Elite: Attack (+2) + AC (9) + d20 = 25, hit. Damage d10 = 10, 4 points of damage. Getek at -3 HP.

The mage stumbles into a vestry with human cultists getting dressed for their rituals. With blood in their eyes, they turn on him immediately. Despite defeating the weaker members of the group, Getek cannot match the twisted cultist in battle and finds himself captured by his foes.

Per page 20, I have decided to let Getek live – but he will have to find his way out of captivity in the next adventure. He still gets 1 XP but forgoes any treasure he might have found here, plus most of his equipment. (Better get to that spell book though!)

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