Back room at Comic Asylum

Playing Adventurers League with my kids (we’re the trio in the lower left) has proved lots of fun. Yes, the group up there was far too large. We just didn’t have enough DMs to go around despite having some extra on hand to compensate for the primary organizer being unable to attend this week. I’ve offered to start running one-shots for those situations sometimes, but my kids really like being able to play with other DMs sometimes. And Travis does a great job engaging kids and being relentlessly positive. I’m learning a lot about how to run a group from him.

The best part of the scene above is the tremendous variety in the group. (There’s even a five-month-old at the table and he was the most adorable little butterball!) We have folks of all races, ages, genders, orientations, and experience levels, all brought together by the desire to roll dice and share our imaginations for a few hours every week. If you’re in driving distance of Richardson, Texas (on the northeast side of Dallas), come out to Comic Asylum some Wednesday. It’s a lot more fun now than in years past.

Also, we picked up some dice for my daughter at the store last week. But she just realized that one of the d6s has a problem that makes it unusable in actual play. See if you notice…


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