Free D&D Adventures from Wizards of the Coast

An old man sitting in an armchair holds a large book from which he reads with a younger man kneeling at his side.I often see DMs (new and experienced) asking about where to find free adventures and similar content for D&D Fifth Edition. In D&D Adventurers League especially, we need to use official adventures approved for use within AL. The design of sometimes makes finding older material difficult, including adventures they already released for free. Here are some links you might find helpful. This list doesn’t include Unearthed Arcana, character sheets, errata, or supplements for specific storylines, much less anything for older editions, but you should be able to find those easily enough on their site. Other material can be found on the Dungeon Masters Guild. Of course, you don’t have to use these adventures in AL – you can use them in your own campaign however you see fit!

NB: ALL of these documents go directly to WotC’s own servers – not hosted by me or any other third party. The material they provide is for personal use only and should be not be resold or redistributed. Support your local gaming stores and don’t copy that floppy!

AL-Legal Adventures

Other Adventures

12 thoughts on “Free D&D Adventures from Wizards of the Coast

    1. I should probably look at a reorganization of this site again soon. With the demise of G+ and my ongoing frustrations with Twitter, spending more time on blogs rather than other social media would be healthy. Thanks very much for letting me know what you would find useful!

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  1. Awesome! I’ve just recently gotten my two young ones hooked on D&D and these links are just what we needed. 🙂


    1. Fantastic! You should definitely check out as well, where WotC has started to provide more free stuff in addition to their regular offerings and community developed material. It warms my heart to hear that families are enjoying this together – best wishes to you all!


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