Signal Boost: D&D YouTubers

I watch YouTube a lot. I work from home, so while I sit on conference calls on average about half of my day, the rest of the day often involves YouTube videos playing on another screen or computer. Some of those need no introduction (Critical Role, Wizards of the Coast’s D&D channel, etc.) But I thought it might be nice to highlight some smaller channels (under 100k subscribers) that have D&D-related stuff.

(c) 2019 Wizards of the Coast
Electrodominance by Dmitry Burmak

Guildgates & Goblins

Merchant is a YouTuber focused largely on Magic the Gathering who plays D&D with a longtime group of friends. Interestingly, he’s not the DM; Craig Brand does a great job with the NPCs. It’s fun seeing a bunch of folks who are already familiar with Ravnica, and they really make good use of the setting and tools. (This stream is a good example of what I meant about “going optimal”.)

Variant Roles

This is more of a Twitch channel than a YouTube channel. I’m a little biased, as you can see in the linked playlist. But I like our little community. In fact, I’m running some more stuff for them in a short arc this month!

Game Methusaleh

Jim Murphy is a friend of Matt Colville. (Matt’s “Running the Game” series is fantastic but he’s way too big for this list.) He mostly just talks to the camera about lessons he’s learned and suggestions he’d make. That level of experience combined with such a friendly, disarming personality really makes this one I’ve grown to enjoy.


This channel started with a focus on Forgotten Realms lore, but has expanded significantly. That said, I still personally like the FR content the most.

Forgotten Realms History

Great production values really set this channel apart, although they don’t post as often as some others. Good work takes time, and it’s worth the wait.

Seth Skorkowsky

Surprisingly high quality production content, and not all of it is D&D. Seth talks about GMing in general, plus he has lots of stuff about Call of Cthulhu. An example of a video I really enjoyed:

Ginny Di

Ginny is a cosplayer and not technically a D&D YouTuber, but I included her as a bonus because of her CR content. Her impression of Jester is really, really solid and so much fun.

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