Class choice thoughts

Somebody asked the other day about which subclass would be “better”, Forge or Grave Cleric.

Dungeons and Dragons is a collaborative game first and foremost. So pick the class (and subclass) that seems like it’ll provide the most fun for you based on the tropes you enjoy. Maybe you like the idea of a dwarf with a hammer who can forge weapons and armor that are worthy of their god – Forge Cleric is awesome! Maybe you like the idea of a spooky hunter of the undead who manipulates the forces of life to ensure that the natural path of a soul is preserved – Grave Cleric is also awesome! Or maybe you don’t want to play a Cleric even though the rest of the group has pressured you. Then go in a different direction, because this is a game, not a job: do what’s fun, not what’s most “effective”.

(c) 2019 Wizards of the Coast
Priest of Forgotten Gods by Zack Stella

What fits the campaign you’re going to play in? How will the character relate to the rest of the party and the wider world? Focus on those questions, and don’t worry too much about which class choices are “better”.

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