Spring 2019 Campaign Musings

NB: Stream of consciousness style. Just throwing this down someplace.

(c) 2016 Wizards of the Coast
“Broken Concentration” by Clint Cearley

I really need to end my Wednesday game because weeknights are just too difficult. I’ve already cancelled my Tuesday and Thursday games, and I haven’t done Monday in a long time. Already, this Wednesday and next have no game because RL commitments (family and work) come first).

My Sunday night game is really turning into sort of a “game night with friends,” rather than an extended campaign, at least for a while I think this is for the best, because I honestly prefer running games more than just playing in them. And this way I can indulge my experimental tendencies as we try out a whole bunch of different things, even super indie stuff.

On Sundays, I’m adding a Gothic game with the new friends I made at the start of the Mad Mage campaign. I expect that to last four to six months total. And then what happens? I’m really not sure, but at least at the moment it’s not planned as a very long term type of campaign.

I had planned on running an episodic Star Wars RPG campaign where people could drop in and out from week to week, but right now when I’m really thinking is that my Sunday game is episodic enough, or rather just one shots, and the new medium length Gothic campaign scratches a similar itch. This is in addition to my expected participation in the upcoming “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” community stream on Variant Roles.

Maybe what I need to do is start to recruit for a longer-term Star Wars campaign on Saturday evenings or possibly Friday nights. I really want the sort of in-depth growth and arcs that come only in a long-term campaign rather than the short ones that I mostly am doing lately.

I have been trying episodic campaigns for years, and other than maybe pre-S8 Adventurers League, the community streams on Variant Roles have done the best job of fulfilling that need for me. Maybe I should keep doing those on the side while running something more in depth.

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