Free Dungeon Starter: Caves of Hypnos

I learned an important lesson on Saturday night about open table games: consider carefully how much you want the world to change based on one session.

In my ongoing Dungeon World community game, some players wanted to return to the Dreaming Wood. This location used a mix of two Lampblack & Brimstone Dungeon Starters: “The Dreaming Wood” (naturally) and “Black Oak Ridge” (to mix in more faerie stuff). Specifically, though, they took an interest in Hypnos, the sleeping god. So off they set: a Wizard, a Druid, and an Immolator, all with an interest in magic of various sorts.

The entrance of the Kozarnika Cave, Balkan mountain, Dimovo Municipality, Bulgaria. Photo by Vassia Atanassova - Spiritia.

So I wrote up my own Dungeon Starter based on some of the lore in “The Dreaming Wood”, which I’m making available here for free. It includes a couple of monsters, some new magic items (“discoveries”), and a writeup of Hypnos as a danger to be included in an adventure front. I used a progress clock à la Blades in the Dark for this. And be warned: you could potentially change or even end reality in your game based on what you decide could happen if they are awoken…

This is the first game material I’ve published in quite a while, and I would appreciate constructive feedback and advice.

I’ve published this dungeon starter under a CC-BY-3.0 license. It uses cartography from Dyson Logos and a progress clock from Justin Alexander.

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