Ritual: Ghost Ward

This is a ritual I created together with my friend Jessie, a player in my Blades in the Dark campaign, for her Whisper character “Aleizabel” (“Eyes”).

Cloaked female figures stand on the bank of a canal running through a medieval-looking city as a howl comes flying toward them and the moon can be seen behind the turrets of a nearby building.
“White Ghosts Walk in a Row” by Florence Harrison

1. What does the ritual do and how is it weird? The ritual wards the caster and someone else from harm by spirits. It uses a spirit mask covered in eyes; while it’s active, the eyes open and constantly look around, though the warded people instead see the eyes focused on them. When the ritual ends, the ghost field ripples around the caster. Other spiritual entities become more aware of what the caster can do.

2. What must I do to perform the ritual, and what is its price? To perform the ritual, you must spend a downtime action concentrating on the mask and reaching out into the ghost field to prepare the mask. Take 4 stress and, at the time you wish to complete the ritual, perform an ATTUNE action. You and up to one other person will be warded from harm by spirits (ghosts, specters, etc.) for several hours, allowing you to resist such harm as with special armor (i.e. reduce by 1 or 2 levels). The GM will either tick an existing spirit-related danger clock or a new 6-segment clock, “A spirit well surges into reality”.

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