A Litany in Scratches: Trophy Gold Conversion

The Trophy Kickstarter is almost done, although it may have concluded when you read this, and it has succeeded wildly! I will be writing part of the megadungeon in it, which is the first time I’ve done anything remotely professional in tabletop RPGs. Go support it, or check out the Trophy site for more info.

In the meantime, I have been working on converting other adventures to incursions, both for fun as well as sort of a preparatory exercise.

An elf defeats two undead in combat.
“Vanquishing Elf” by Michael Prescott (CC-BY-NC)

I decided to start with one of Michael Prescott’s adventures (published under the name Trilemma), because they’re Creative Commons licensed. I also supported his recent Kickstarter. The book is absolutely beautiful and will be on my “near at hand” bookshelf for a long time. His third adventure, A Litany in Scratches, provided a great base for this conversion as it easily broke into several different sets. Also, it has a fairly linear structure in terms of the actual sets, though within them the players have a great deal of freedom.

You will still need the original text, as I decided specifically against making this a standalone document. Of course, supporting Michael’s work through Patreon or buying the compendium of his adventures is also a good idea. This adventure is in the book with cleaner text and lots more info about the setting.

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