Marking some posts private

After some reflection, I have decided to mark some posts private and thereby make them unavailable. In the interests of transparency, I want to document the reasons why.

Sign saying "Private" on a wooden wall
Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

First, I have removed access to my list of free D&D 5e adventures. The traffic to that one post overwhelms everything else on this blog, and it is severely out of date. I don’t have any interest in maintaining it anymore, either, as I’ve moved onto other games. Note I’m not removing all of my old 5e content, but that one had just gotten out of control.

The larger change is removing several of my old Scarlet Heroes posts. I’ve left the ones about the system and just a regular dungeon delve, but the ones that relied heavily on the Red Tide setting no longer appear on my blog. They relied on tropes rooted in Western views of East Asia, built into the core of the setting. I’ve since realized how harmful that is. I apologize for those posts and the furtherance of those stereotypes.

If you want a better view of fantasy based on East Asian history and cultures, I recommend CJ Leung’s YouTube series on re-imagining Kara-Tur. He has a strong background (both academically and in his own heritage) in the history of that region, plus he produces some pretty great videos.

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