Basic Depthcrawl Procedure

I recently learned about a procedural generation technique called a “depthcrawl”. Maybe the best known example is the Garden of Ynn, though there are a few different takes on the idea. For example, Downcrawl builds pretty significantly on the idea by introducing "volumes" (regions, I think) and more. The base technique uses the depth of … Continue reading Basic Depthcrawl Procedure

The M-Files: Session 8 Recap (Campaign Conclusion)

This session concludes The M-Files, and it was a riot. A banger, if you will. (I'm going to miss this group!) Narrative The group considers how to deal with Ophelia's connection to the Great Mother, Sheol-Nugganoth, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. ((I explain that it's really a "pact" - Ophelia … Continue reading The M-Files: Session 8 Recap (Campaign Conclusion)