Assorted Mothership D10 Lists

On the Mothership RPG Discord, we have a channel calledq #hive-mind where somebody suggests a topic and folks contribute an example until we have 10. Then we start a new list. This seems like a common thing among OSR-ish communities, and the results eventually get published by Tuesday Knight Games in a free zine.

I wrote up a few of my own lists for fun – these do not come from the community. Let me know if you use any of them in your games!

Android malfunctions

  1. Short circuiting, everything electrical they touch is shorted out
  2. Emotion chip malfunction. Can’t stop crying.
  3. Violent reaction to seeing cats
  4. Off-by-one errors to all calculations (skills are subtracted from the attributes rather than added on rolls)
  5. Partial amnesia (factory reset)
  6. Only speaks in binary (sounds like static)
  7. Does not recognize presence of organics and attempts to shut off life support
  8. Head continually spins on neck joint
  10. The existence of the rest of the crew is a threat to the mission. They must be terminated.

Kinds of undead astronauts

  1. Vacc suit containing a corpse begins to move on its own
  2. Consciousness uploaded into an android
  3. Reanimated by space fungus
  4. Electrodes inserted into nervous system allow for remote control
  5. Skin charred by engine radiation, still they walk
  6. Once rigor mortis sets in, any contact with water animates that limb
  7. Ship lost 30 years ago is on approach and maneuvering to dock, but no lifesigns detected on board
  8. Corpses committed to space lurch into motion when touched by unfiltered sunlight
  9. Recipients of transplanted organs begin to hear whispers from the deceased donors
  10. Their face can be seen in the last computer terminal they used, mouthing the words “HELP ME”

Mysterious alien devices

Geometric cubes with floating lights and exploding ice
Photo by fabio on Unsplash
  1. Planisphere of stars seen from the Galactic Center
  2. Generates 3.14159 L of pure H2O every hour
  3. Takes two DNA samples (regardless of species) and merges them together randomly
  4. Pair of silver orbs that transmit whatever smell is detected by the other one, regardless of distance
  5. Audibly amplifies the heartbeat of any living thing touching it
  6. Abacus but the rings are made of pure energy
  7. Lens that allows you to visualize every person in four dimensions, as if you had recorded them moving on long exposure
  8. Living matter in the shape of the Mandelbrot set
  9. Every 7.3 hours, this object repeats a short phrase in an unknown language.
  10. Dodecahedron that emits a burst transmission when exposed to vacuum

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