Those Who Came Before published!

TL;DR: My science fantasy supplement “Those Who Came Before” (written for Into the Odd Remastered and games derived from it) is published and available on!

My second campaign of Into the Odd kicked off late last year with a one-shot that just kept going. I’ve taken some of the material I created for it and my first campaign and published it as a supplement.

You are not the first civilization of your people. Millennia before, the ancients had a great civilization that achieved works undreamt of by even the greatest minds of our time.

Your group has joined together to form an expedition that will delve into newly-discovered ruins of that civilization in order to recover bits of useful technology (“oddities”) and perhaps uncover the secrets of their rise and fall. The knowledge your ancestors left behind can help protect your people from strange threats that remain.

If you like lateral thinking to solve problems creatively, discovering characters through their actions in the world, and science fantasy that turns away from typical assumptions of a faux medieval high fantasy world, then this game might be for you.

In addition to ItO and its successor Electric Bastionland, other inspirations include Numenera (including a brief appendix about converting setting material to ItO), Ultraviolet Grasslands, and Worlds Without Number. Some of the mechanical bolt-ons are inspired by Blades in the Dark and 2400 as well. And there’s a sample dungeon using a map from Dyson Logos.

I decided to manage this game with Itchfunding: prior to publication, it was available as Pay What You Want. Now that it’s launched, all funds from the purchase price will go towards paying a professional layout artist. Of course, like everything I publish on Itch, I will match any profits past production costs and donate everything to the International Rescue Committee to benefit refugees around the world.

Other future content I’m considering includes more information on building a base for the characters (including possibly a mobile base like a Jawa Sandcrawler),

This campaign has started to excite me: we began by running a “no prep” dungeon from Weird Discoveries, and then the supplement lays out the OSR-based procedures for building out from there. (I’ll review the actual dungeon from Weird Discoveries later.) The adventurers left the exploration site this weekend and will start to figure out where they want to head next as they try to improve the world around them with the remains of prior civilizations.

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