Micro hack of Mothership

During a discussion in the Mothership Discord about reskinning the game for other settings, I came up with the following little hack. If anything, it’s just a small set of house rules for creating classless characters and maybe simplifying the stats and saves. Please feel free to comment any feedback. It’s completely untested, just a fun little idea.

A flying saucer over an ocean with a bright light on the horizon
“Ufo” by kai Stachowiak


You have four stats: Physical, Education, Combat, and Willpower. Roll 2d10+10 for each. (Alternatively, just use all seven Stats and Saves from Mothership.) Set your Stress to 2 and choose a background relevant to the setting. You have three Wounds (sometimes called Hits).

When success is uncertain and stakes are high, roll d% under a relevant stat. If your background relates to the task at hand, add 20 to your stat for the purpose of this roll. On a failure, the Warden may decide that you still succeed but at a significant cost.

Whenever you fail a roll or stakes are extremely high, add 1 to your Stress. When you fail critically (roll doubles on the dice on a failure) or things go really badly, roll a Panic check. On a failure, in addition to the result on the Panic check, every friendly character around you takes 1 stress.

Weapons do damage as Wounds. When taking your second or third Wounds, roll on the appropriate table. When taking damage from an unarmed attack, roll under Physical to ignore the damage.

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