The M-Files: Session 1 Recap

This week, I started a new "Monster of the Week" campaign titled "The M-Files". Is it for Monster? Or Maxwell (my surname)? The world may never know... In either case, the group consists of: Cordelia Miranova, the InitiateMiranda "Andi" Caruso, the Spell-slingerOphelia Graves, the SpookyAlice Everly, the Chosen The group has a significant bent towards … Continue reading The M-Files: Session 1 Recap

The Great Soul Train Robbery: Session Recap

My usual Monday night group (formerly Sundays, currently playing Scum & Villainy) has decided to start playing some Saturday night one-shot. We kicked it off with a session of The Great Soul Train Robbery. This is a “Sweetened by Honey Heist” game, which itself reminds me a lot of “Lasers & Feelings”. We started by … Continue reading The Great Soul Train Robbery: Session Recap