Di Rosalba Manor

The characters in "Gothic Brunch" recently visited the manor of the Di Rosalba family while tracking a necromancer in the city of Creedhall. Knowing they'd want to poke around a bit, I used Tramur’s Lakehouse by Dyson Logos as the map. My notes and additions follow. The home is owned by a brother and sister, … Continue reading Di Rosalba Manor

Kipling’s Laboratory

In "Gothic Brunch," my Sunday streamed campaign taking place in Krevborna, the characters are currently investigating an assault by drowned zombies that walked out of the lake. Players include @EmKHansen, @TheNerdyNiffler, @PaterVoss, and @MatthewWForeman, and they all do a great job bringing different aspects of this world to life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwKUGN3iHqE I knew I wanted them … Continue reading Kipling’s Laboratory

Coming back to procedural generation in D&D

I started playing Dwarf Fortress again recently, partly inspired by the videos produced by Kruggsmash. He does a wonderful job of extracting the story from a fortress, illustrating it in a cartoonish way, and pulling out a narrative. But a lot of that narrative comes from the game systems, influenced by player actions, through procedural generation. That … Continue reading Coming back to procedural generation in D&D