Basic Depthcrawl Procedure

I recently learned about a procedural generation technique called a “depthcrawl”. Maybe the best known example is the Garden of Ynn, though there are a few different takes on the idea. For example, Downcrawl builds pretty significantly on the idea by introducing "volumes" (regions, I think) and more. The base technique uses the depth of … Continue reading Basic Depthcrawl Procedure

Using Dwarf Fortress as a map generator

World map of Inalaanenu

The previous article in this series discussed my reasons for generating a new campaign setting. This time I will discuss the maps that Dwarf Fortress generates for a new world. DF allows users to export the world maps and history in Legends mode. This creates great depth via procedural generation without requiring the world builder to design everything by hand. (I … Continue reading Using Dwarf Fortress as a map generator

Generating a campaign setting: Motivation

D&D Fifth Edition appears to use the Forgotten Realms as the default setting. For me, however, FR just comes with too much baggage: an intricate history, many novels of existing lore, and the sense that this world already has its heroes. Players will tend to see the world through their own lenses after playing through … Continue reading Generating a campaign setting: Motivation