Necronautilus review

I have never played another game like Necronautilus, and that's a shame. If you like wordplay, thinking about the relationship between memory and reality, and psychedelic fantasy in space, then you should check out this game.

Castle Gargantua

Note: I originally wrote this post a few years back but never actually hit "Publish". I've polished a tiny bit and put it out there because I really do like the product still today! Castle Gargantua from Kabuki Kaiser bills itself as the "biggest megadungeon" in the history of the OSR. This is a little bit … Continue reading Castle Gargantua

Kickstarter: Nahual (Mexican Urban Fantasy)

I have scaled my Kickstarter activity way, way down over the last few years. But this one really grabbed my attention and I felt the need to back it: Nahual. (For clarity, I have no association with this project or its creators.) Nahual  is a tabletop roleplaying game of Mexican urban fantasy. In Nahual you  play as … Continue reading Kickstarter: Nahual (Mexican Urban Fantasy)