Handling luck

Luck rolls represent the GM choosing to be surprised rather than just deciding what happens. I look at how a few different games do this and talk about my currently preferred approach.

Digging into the original Star Wars RPG

I've been thinking about trying to do for Star Wars d6 what Cthulhu Dark did for Call of Cthulhu, or what Into the Odd did for Cypher: break it down to a minimal approach without needing to spend too much time thinking about game rules. As I was looking at this, I started to wonder if it doesn't need anything more than GM attitude. Here’s my first set of thoughts about the game.

Mental health in horror RPGs

Cthulhu Dark and Trophy Dark have a different way to model harm, including mental harm, and this approach provides a fantastic model for other games. Even in horror gaming - I would say especially in horror gaming - we all should retain the ability to decide what to explore, and systems like the one outlined above give us the opportunity to do that.