Kipling’s Laboratory

In "Gothic Brunch," my Sunday streamed campaign taking place in Krevborna, the characters are currently investigating an assault by drowned zombies that walked out of the lake. Players include @EmKHansen, @TheNerdyNiffler, @PaterVoss, and @MatthewWForeman, and they all do a great job bringing different aspects of this world to life! I knew I wanted them … Continue reading Kipling’s Laboratory

Roll20 Optimal Series – Scene setup

Second in a series. Assuming you don't want to use a tactical grid with 5' squares or similar, you still likely want some graphical representation of your scenes. About two-thirds of the population consider themselves "visual learners", and an even larger majority at least appreciate having visual media available. Of course, I recommend using this … Continue reading Roll20 Optimal Series – Scene setup