Tomb of Annihilation: Hex crawl procedure

As previously noted, the first half of Tomb of Annihilation largely consists of a hex crawl. This means that, outside of keyed hexes with static encounters, the game in this portion consists of procedurally-generated content. Do the adventurers get lost? Do they have enough supplies? Do they have any random encounters? For my own needs, I … Continue reading Tomb of Annihilation: Hex crawl procedure

Madness of Iliasha: Campaign Concept

As previously noted, I have begun work on a fresh campaign. Using the working title Madness of Iliasha, I have included elements from the Underdark and Deepholm. This means a fully underground world with no concept of a "surface", filled with mind flayers and aboleths and fungi and stone elementals. I intend to run it more or less … Continue reading Madness of Iliasha: Campaign Concept