A Litany in Scratches: Trophy Gold Conversion

The Trophy Kickstarter is almost done, although it may have concluded when you read this, and it has succeeded wildly! I will be writing part of the megadungeon in it, which is the first time I’ve done anything remotely professional in tabletop RPGs. Go support it, or check out the Trophy site for more info. … Continue reading A Litany in Scratches: Trophy Gold Conversion

Kickstarter: Nahual (Mexican Urban Fantasy)

I have scaled my Kickstarter activity way, way down over the last few years. But this one really grabbed my attention and I felt the need to back it: Nahual. (For clarity, I have no association with this project or its creators.) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1971035968/nahual-a-tabletop-rpg-of-mexican-urban-fantasy/description Nahual  is a tabletop roleplaying game of Mexican urban fantasy. In Nahual you  play as … Continue reading Kickstarter: Nahual (Mexican Urban Fantasy)

Using Dwarf Fortress as a map generator

World map of Inalaanenu

The previous article in this series discussed my reasons for generating a new campaign setting. This time I will discuss the maps that Dwarf Fortress generates for a new world. DF allows users to export the world maps and history in Legends mode. This creates great depth via procedural generation without requiring the world builder to design everything by hand. (I … Continue reading Using Dwarf Fortress as a map generator

Generating a campaign setting: Motivation

D&D Fifth Edition appears to use the Forgotten Realms as the default setting. For me, however, FR just comes with too much baggage: an intricate history, many novels of existing lore, and the sense that this world already has its heroes. Players will tend to see the world through their own lenses after playing through … Continue reading Generating a campaign setting: Motivation

Review: Scenes of Chance

I just received my shipment of Scenes of Chance from Twizz Entertainment via Kickstarter. https://twitter.com/technoskald/status/528321964394299392 This system-neutral supplement basically consists of a deck of cards, where each card is about twice the size of a traditional playing card. Each card has several icons printed on it. I choose a card with an appropriate scene (say, … Continue reading Review: Scenes of Chance