Going optimal with online RPGs

As often happens, this article started as a conversation with smart friends. Mat Westhorpe tweeted about Roll20 vs D&D Beyond in the context of D&D 5e character sheets. https://twitter.com/Freebooted/status/1090005226034266113 We discussed a bit further and of course his post on character sheets has a lot of thoughtful comparison that you will almost certainly find useful. … Continue reading Going optimal with online RPGs

Adventure in the dark land of Krevborna!

Once a country of picturesque villages, deep forests, and sublime mountain ranges, Krevborna is now preyed upon by werebeasts, witches, malicious fey, fiends, and the undead. The goal of adventures set in Krevborna is for the players' characters to find ways to fight back against the evil that taints the land. Someone must light a … Continue reading Adventure in the dark land of Krevborna!