Thinking about low-level monsters

What low-level monsters are both interesting and not problematic? The pendulum swing between tiers of play means that we occasionally want to focus on those early levels, as Matt Colville has talked about. And in D&D, that usually means undead, orcs, goblins, and kobolds. I won't worry about undead too much here; the major problem … Continue reading Thinking about low-level monsters

What other folks say about running versus playing games

Leave No Trace - Pat Lee I recently left my last Adventurers League campaign, in which a player from my Out of the Abyss campaign is now running Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for approximately the same group. A number of reasons led to this choice, including the AL Season 8 ruleset. However, the fact that I really prefer the GM … Continue reading What other folks say about running versus playing games

Out of the Abyss campaign review

I recently concluded two long-running campaigns, both of which started in late 2017. After some reflection and discussion with the players, I realized that I could extract some lessons to improve my future role-playing games. This post isn't really a review of the source material, just an overview of what I learned from running this campaign. … Continue reading Out of the Abyss campaign review