Going optimal with online RPGs

As often happens, this article started as a conversation with smart friends. Mat Westhorpe tweeted about Roll20 vs D&D Beyond in the context of D&D 5e character sheets. https://twitter.com/Freebooted/status/1090005226034266113 We discussed a bit further and of course his post on character sheets has a lot of thoughtful comparison that you will almost certainly find useful. … Continue reading Going optimal with online RPGs

Out of the Abyss campaign review

I recently concluded two long-running campaigns, both of which started in late 2017. After some reflection and discussion with the players, I realized that I could extract some lessons to improve my future role-playing games. This postĀ isn't really a review of the source material, just an overview of what I learned from running this campaign. … Continue reading Out of the Abyss campaign review