The Artifact

I recently got a copy of The Artifact in the Itch "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality". This is a text log of my (first?) playthrough, so spoilers are likely. CONTENT WARNING: disturbing imagery, gore. Day 1 Yesterday, I received a donation of a new artifact, which was assigned the reference number #734654 in our … Continue reading The Artifact

Scarlet Caverns

Because I wanted to keep trying solo dungeon runs separately from some urban adventure, I rolled up a character specifically for delving and finding gold. In the Red Tide setting, the stereotypical dwarven lust for gold is explained by their "religion" or at least their metaphysical views about using it in the afterlife to attack a goddess … Continue reading Scarlet Caverns

Solo RPG Play using Scarlet Heroes

I finally spent some time playing Scarlet Heroes, the old-school D&D-alike from Sine Nomine Publishing and Kevin Crawford. Unusual for these sorts of games, Scarlet Heroes focuses on very small parties (one or two characters) and even provides support for solo play where the GM is also the player. The system supports existing D&D material with one or two … Continue reading Solo RPG Play using Scarlet Heroes