Worked example of a procedural dungeon

After I wrote recently about procedural generation for dungeons, my brain kept chewing on the possibilities here. I decided to try the process outlined in the Dungeon Masters Guide (5e) Appendix A. This post will run through my experience doing that, as well as a look ahead at what could come next. Random layout The … Continue reading Worked example of a procedural dungeon

Adventurers League Season 7: Kickoff

Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League Season 7 has begun! Already we have two individual adventures, DDAL07-01¬†City on the Edge and DDAL07-02¬†Over the Edge. Both of these resemble introductory adventures from earlier seasons in that they consist of five 1-hour scenarios. OtE differs a little in that it provides this type of introduction for Tier 2 … Continue reading Adventurers League Season 7: Kickoff